Does Jesus Have Everything You Need?

Is everything you need really in Jesus? Let’s take a look at one of my favourite scriptures and see what the word has to say about this concept! MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR FREE TICKET TO OUR FELLOWSHIP STARTING NEXT WEEK! THE LINK IS BELOW!


Trust In The Lord

Ignorance kills. Often times we go through/experience things that we don’t need to just because we are uninformed about certain situations. Very quickly I want to explain the concept of trusting God by breaking down a very popular scripture. By doing this we will understand they key components that you need when it comes to trusting… Read More Trust In The Lord


The Importance Of Encounters

In this video I touch on the subject of why it’s important for us as christians to have regular encounter with God. The world is depending on your relationship with God. LET’S GET IT!!! Twitter&Instagram @EarlBlackman


Laws of Spiritual Growth

Law 1: Studying The Word There is a difference between studying and reading the Word. Studying the Word means conducting a detailed investigation and/or analysis of a subject or situation within.  Without study (an ability to handle the Word of Truth) there is no qualification. 2 Timothy 2:15 We were created from the Word of… Read More Laws of Spiritual Growth