Outside The Comfort Zone

True Christianity does not begin until you step out of your comfort zone”.

Many people have taught that God wants you to live outside of your comfort zone or that God is calling you out of your comfort zone. Although this is true I believe that it is only half of the message. Why? There are two types of comfort zones. The first is the human/carnal comfort zone. The carnal comfort zone is a place of stagnancy. In the carnal comfort zone you are not challenged and because of the lack of challenge you fail to grow. When you live inside the carnal comfort zone everything you do is to the pleasure of your own human desire. You don’t stretch yourself in prayer but rather you pray for an amount of time that suits you, you don’t go after any of the ideas that God has given you because it will take too much effort and you don’t go out of your way to speak to people about Jesus because it will inconvenience you too much. Everything in the carnal comfort zone is about you and not God! In this place you will never experience anything new because you refuse to do anything new and therefore life as a Christian just becomes a routine and motion.

The second comfort zone is the The Father’s comfort zone. This is a place in God where you are always current with him. The bible says that Enoch walked with God. The walk means ‘travel’ which then suggests that Enoch travelled with God. Wherever God was, Enoch was there and wherever Enoch was God was always present with him. Deep That! In the Father’s comfort zone you experience a different kind of comfort to that experienced in the carnal one. In the carnal comfort zone you are comforting your flesh but in the Father’s comfort zone you don’t do the comforting the Holy Spirit does! He calls you out into new territories, he asks you to do new things that are beyond your own human capacity. You are literally living off what you hear in the secret place and because of this all things become new and you begin to experience the reality of ‘Zoè’ (Life of God).

This month God is calling us to step out of our carnal comfort zone and into the Father’s comfort. He has soo much that he wants you to experience but you will not be able to do so whilst you remain in a place where you are not challenged and in a place of averageness. What things has God been talking to you about recently that you have not stepped out to do? What things have you laid aside because of fear, lack, doubt, guilt ect? God is challenging us to stop living according to our own human efforts. It’s time for us to understand his grace and allow his power to work in us and through us. This is the only way that we will ever experience the newness of life which is in Christ Jesus.

Eye have not seen, nor have ears hear, neither has it entered into the hearts of men the things that God has in store for you this month but will this become a reality to you or will it remain just another good scripture that we quote but never experience?

October. Step out of your carnal comfort zone!