Checking Our Foundations Ecclesiastes 3:3

“There is a time to break down and a time for building up”.

In this month of November, God wants us to focus on our foundations. The height of any building is always determined by its foundation. The higher you want to build, the lower your foundations must go. This same principle can also be applied spiritually; however far you travel with God will always be determined by how deeply rooted you are in him. As my relationship with God matures, I realise more and more that your lifestyle must be able accommodate the level of glory that you’re asking God to walk in. God can’t allow you to walk in heavy dimensions with a 20 minute morning devotional type of foundation because you will be unprepared- when you’re unprepared, a blessing can become a curse.

As we move closer towards Christ’s return now more than ever is the church crying out for revival and for God’s power to once again be manifest mightily in the earth. However, I’ve also realised that we (generally speaking) are very unprepared for the things that we are asking God for. We look at what great men and women of God walked in in times past and so eagerly ask God to use us in the same way but forget: “You can’t ask God to use you how he used others if you’re not willing to live how they lived“. We pray for deeper dimensions, deeper glory, a deeper relationship but I pose a question: Are the things we pray for our heart’s cry or are they just good ideas with shallow motivation?

The Source

If it really is the cry of our heart then we will be more than willing to adopt the kind of lifestyle that will support the things that we are asking God for. We will make the sacrifices needed, pray, praise and seek God, but if the things that we ask God for are just a good ideas backed with emotion then we will ask but take no real action to develop the lifestyle needed to receive these things from God. Foundation is all about preparation. If you have a weak foundation then you are unprepared and unqualified for that thing that you are seeking God for. “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” -Psalms 11:3 When I speak about foundations, I’m talking about having the fundamental pillars of growth firmly established in your life which are: Prayer, Praise, The Word and Fasting. There is one more pillar of growth which is Evangelism but for what we are seeking in this time (Revival) we will focus more on the others because in order to bring revival we must first be revived.

Are you strongly established in these four aspects of your walk with God? What is the condition of your prayer life? What is the condition of your praise life? Are you reading and studying the Word? Are you regularly fasting? Without these as a firm foundation, it’s safe to say that you will probably not see any great change in your relationship with God or in your life as a Christian. When looking back at all the men and women of God that walked with God and did great things, you notice they all shared a great dedication to the Lord. I believe this is the best way to define our foundation: Dedication to Jesus. This is done through prayer, praise and studying His Word. Join us this month as we begin to look at and set firm foundations in our relationship with God so that we can experience everything that the King has purposed for us in His heart!