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My name is Earl Blackman. I am a speaker, leadership development coach and I also specialise in Exclusive Advancement. My purpose in life is to teach and train people on how to have complete control over all seven areas of life because many people are living as prisoners and are literally just occupying space on earth until they die. I firmly believe that everyone deserves to live a life of purpose, impact, joy and fulfilment and this is the motivation behind what I do.

Leadership develop is a process which allows an individual to increase their impact and abilities as a leader by the growth, maturing and advancement of their character. In return this will result in dynamic leaders assisting companies/organisations to achieve greater results and be more effective when it comes to the execution of their vision and purpose.


Exclusive Advancement (Personal Development) is a process is which an individual maximises their potential and becomes the best that they can be by developing, establishing and strengthening their thoughts, emotions and mindsets. This then leads to a greater sense of purpose, joy and fulfilment enabling the individual to live a life that they want to live and not a life that they have to live.

As you can probably tell I’m all about people and I feel a great sense of fulfilment when I can help any one climb to the next level in their life and help them reach their goals, desires and ambitions.

Twitter&Instagram @EarlBlackman