Can I have Your Attention?

Emerging Global Leaders

For a while now, God has been talking to me about starting up a leadership development network for men that feel that they have a leadership calling. One must understand, when speaking of leadership, we are not just talking about leading an organisation or business excelling and achieving maximum results in every area of our lives. Everyone is a leader! Whether you run a million dollar company or you’re raising your sons into becoming great men, you require leadership skills. I have a company called TWO TEN and within that company I am starting a leadership network called Emerging Global Leaders (EGL). The name TWO TEN has a biblical foundation and comes from 1st Corinthians 2:10 “for the Spirit searches all things [diligently], even [sounding and measuring] the [profound] depths of God [the divine counsels and things far beyond human understanding]”. This company has many different enterprises but for the sake of time I will only talk about (EGL). This leadership development network will focus on teaching and training men on exclusive advancement (personal development) and discovering and improving leadership skills. The magnitude of your life achievement will always be rooted in the condition on your personal development. Exclusive Advancement (personal development) is a process by which an individual maximises their potential and functions at their best by developing, establishing and strengthening their thoughts, emotions and mindsets. Leadership development is a process which allows an individual to increase their impact and leadership abilities by growing, maturing and advancing their character. This results in creating dynamic leaders who assist companies/organisations in achieving greater results and effectiveness when executing their vision and purpose. All training is completely free, apart from the EGL training day (on the last Saturday of each month) which will cost £20 per person. For the opportunity to become a part of this leadership network and connect with other influential men email me at: God did not create you to fit in, He created you to influence, occupy and control!