Laws of Spiritual Growth

Law 1: Studying The Word

There is a difference between studying and reading the Word. Studying the Word means conducting a detailed investigation and/or analysis of a subject or situation within. 

  • Without study (an ability to handle the Word of Truth) there is no qualification. 2 Timothy 2:15
  • We were created from the Word of God. We come from the centre of the Word of God. Therefore in order to be like our Creator we need to understand His Word because it describes Him. The word is the insights into God’s heart and mind. James 1:23
  • You cannot grow or develop unless you have an intimate relationship with the Word. God is His Word. The better you know his Word, the better you know him. John 1:1
  • Proverbs 2:1 Solomon knows how important the word of God is that’s why he instructs us to receive the word. The word receive in Hebrew means to marry.
  • Christians that don’t know the Word of God will struggle to be effective soldiers in the army of God and lack strength in spiritual battles- why? Because the Word is the Sword of the Spirit and the Sword is the only offensive weapon of the full armour of God. Ephesians 6
  • In order to be a good soldier you need to be skilled with your weapons. It takes skill, technique and precision to be able to use a sword. Therefore, you need to be able to skilfully pick out what God is saying in the Word and know how to use the Word with precision.
  • The word is Spirit and life. The word life (“zoe”) in the original Greek means a life of absolute fullness. This is the supernatural life of God that you receive by the Holy Spirit. You cannot experience the absolute fullness of life until you develop a deep relationship with the Word. John 6:63