Establishing Direction

The prophetic focus for this month is Establishing Direction. We have just stepped into a new year and those of us that have been hearing and seeking God about 2017 should have a vision or a focus for the year. I believe that this month is the month where God wants to set us on track and set us in the right direction so that we can begin the journey of fulfilling everything that he has destined for us to achieve in 2017 hence the reason why Establishing Direction is this months theme.

What you do at the beginning of anything is important because it sets the wheels in motion and determines the course and direction that you will travel in therefore whatever you do in the month of January will have a major impact on how your year turns out. I want to give you a few tips on things that you can do this month that will help you start your year right with God and help you make the right decisions so that you can see all that God has planned for you this year come to pass!

The 3 Dimensions of Knowing God’s Will

This is rarely taught on which is surprising because I believe a misunderstanding on this topic is a big reason as to why many Christians fail to fulfill the things that God has revealed to them. Ephesians 5:17 “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is”. Not knowing the will of God for your day, week, month, year and life is a foolish move because this means you are out of sync with God’s plans and purposes for you making it impossible for you to fulfill his will. There are three dimensions/levels/ways in which you can know God’s will.


A general knowing of God’s will is literally just knowing what God desires for you to do at a particular time. Many people only reach this dimension of knowing and think that this is enough. Unfortunately it is not and this is why many of us are unsuccessful in demonstrating the desires of the King and his Kingdom.


Intimate knowing is the second level of knowing the will of God. Intimate knowledge is when an individual knows the who,what,where,when and why of what God has shown them. You not only know what God wants you to do but you have also interpreted or understood what his will means. For example if God says to you “This year I want you to lead my people and demonstrate my kingdom” going around shouting “God has called me to lead his people and demonstrate his kingdom” isn’t wise because do you even know what such a statement means? What does the demonstration of God’s kingdom look like? In what way are you to lead his people? Which people are you supposed to lead? How are you supposed to lead them? I think you get my point…


Application knowledge is the third dimension in knowing the will of God. This is where you not only have and general and intimate knowledge of God’s will but you also know how to carry it out and how to see what God has spoken to you manifest in your life. If God wants you to do something he will give you the instructions of how to carry it out but many people forget this vital part of knowing the will of God and try and make it come to pass through human effort and knowledge. Application knowledge is the ‘how’ of God’s will. It’s knowing how he wants you to execute it.

How To Establish Your Direction

First of all you need to remain prayerful! Prayer keeps you in tune with the heart and mind of God. This is also called ‘watching’. Watching over the vision God has given you is important because it keeps you sharp and fine tuned. Whatever details you may have missed you will see, oncoming obstructions God will reveal, resources that you will need to help you carry out the plans of God will be shown to you and so on and so on.

Once you know what you need to know then you will need to apply the things that God has instructed you to do. This is called ‘Wisdom’ the ability to apply knowledge. Many people only know what God wants them to do and then for some reason never actually get around to the application stage and this is one of the main stages of seeing things manifest in your life. If God wants you to lead his people have you assembled a team yet? If God wants you to start teaching have you set up a way that you will learn and develop your knowledge in his word?If God wants you to hold and event have you got the venue and the money together? Seeing the will of God come to pass is all about application and execution!

You go to into the presence of God for more knowledge and you leave to apply the things that you have seen and heard from the throne room!