Ecclesiastes 5:10

“He who loves silver will not be satisfied when it is obtained neither will he who loves wealth be satisfied with increase”.

I’ve heard many rich people say that money means nothing to them any more and for a while I wondered what had happened or what could they possibly be experiencing that would make them think this particular thought. After reading this scripture and looking into the life of King Solomon I noticed that Solomon lived a life and done things that many of us wished we could do.

Ecclesiastes 2:10

“whatever my eyes desired I did not keep from them. I kept my heart from no pleasure”.

What I have always found interesting is that after listing everything that he had bought and gained at then end of that list Solomon says that he looked at everything that he had and found it all to be great vanity and emptiness. Since then I have realised that money can only keep you happy for a short period of time until your heart begins to desire the true source of happiness and meaning(The Presence Of God).

Often times we forget that we were created for the presence of God and without it we will always have a feeling deep down within us indicating that something is missing and how we choose to fill this gap is unique to each of our own individual experiences. One thing however is true! The only thing that can fill that void is the presence of God!You may want to live a lifestyle of luxury but understand this; a lifestyle of luxury is not what will complete you as many of us like to think. It will answer a few questions and satisfy you in a few areas but remember true happiness and fulfilment comes by having an intimate relationship with God for this is man’s all