3 Tips For An Adventourous Relationship With God

I believe that if you don’t do this (Christianity) thing correctly then you can really end up being bored and mindlessly following something that doesn’t really excite or interest you. Many Christians are in this position right now or have experienced this before in their relationship with God. I don’t want to make this post any longer than it needs to be so let’s just jump straight in ‘3 Tips to building a more adventurous relationship with God’ Let’s go!


1.Dream big Then Do!

Not everyone dreams big and then out of the people that do actually dream big how many of them really go out and do the things that they have dreamt of? Your relationship with God is a lifestyle full of adventures and mysteries and he wants you to enjoy it! I challenge you today to go into your prayer room and ask God to fill your heart and mind with creative ideas and dreams then once you’ve got them ask him what you need to do in order to see these things come to pass and then go and do them! Nothing about God is small therefore if you have a small and “Humble” :/ vision for your life then don’t bother with it because trust me that didn’t come from God! No where in scripture did He tell anyone to do anything that was small or mediocre!


2.Talk to as many people as you can about God!

When was the last time you started a conversation with a complete stranger about God? I have seen many crazy and interesting things happen in my life because of just started a conversation about God and what he has done in my life and what he can do in the life of the person I’m talking to also! I dareeeeee you to step out, overcome your fear by putting yourself in a place of vulnerability and trusting God to speak words of relevance and impact through you to someone else. Let me ask you this question; If you don’t do it now then when will you do it?

 3.Pray For The Supernatural

I pray this on a regular basis. I want to see the power of God show up in my life. I want to see God do amazing and unexplainable things in my life. I want God to move so heavily through me that others just will not know what to say. I want God’s power to be so evident in my life that unbelievers will not be able to deny the existence of my God! GOD LET ME SEE THE SUPERNATURAL!!! Ask God to show up and show off in your life, give him the platform, give him the centre stage and see what he does…