Increase Your Capacity

Intimacy Challenge Day 4

If I have a 500ml bottle then that bottle can only handle 500ml of water. If I have a 2litre bottle then that particular bottle can only handle 2litres of water and so on and so on. In order for a vessel to contain more substance then the capacity of the vessel would have to be increased. Something cannot be filled past it’s capacity otherwise it may cause damage.

Believe it or not this is also true spiritually. God will never give you more than you can handle in any area of life whether that be more of him, more money, more friends, more members in your bible study whatever it may be! I want to explore the area of MORE OF HIM. 

If you can’t receive more than you can contain then this means in order to receive more of God then you would have to increase your spiritual capacity no? Yessss! I’m right and I know it, you know it and God knows it! Here’s there problem how are we supposed to increase our spiritual capacity if we only do what we are comfortable with? We worship for a comfortable amount of time, we read a comfortable amount of chapters, we pray until WE FEEL that it’s time to stop praying and having this pattern is great for sustaining what you already have but it’s not so great for gaining any more of God.

In order for you to receive more you have to give more“He must increase but I must decrease”. What you put in is what you get out! There’s a reason why we sing “I give myself away” Why?!?! Because my relationship with God is a transaction I give myself and he gives himself back!

Challenge: How much do you normally read a day? DOUBLE IT!!! How long do you normally pray a day? DOUBLE IT!!! How often to you fast a month? INCREASE IT!!! 

Try this for two weeks and tell me if you don’t see a major difference in your relationship with God!


God Bless, No Stress

Earl Blackman


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