God’s Opinion Matters

Day 3 of the intimacy challenge!

Someone recently asked me how do I react to people that have a negative opinion of me. My response to this question is a very simple principle that I’ve learnt over sometime and if you can also learn it you will be free from people’s negative opinion of you forever.

First of all we have to remember that humans are flawed, broken, evil, bitter and the list goes on. Even us as Christians still deal with issues in our life and often times view someone or something through a tainted lense. This is why I’ve decided to make God’s opinion of me the number one thing in which I go by/believe and if yours or other people’s opinion does not line up with the word of God then I have no need to listen to it because it’s only Gods word that stands!

Recently I was told that someone had been talking about me and been very vindictive in their ways and usually I would have called them up and really did what I needed to do 🙂 but instead I just laughed at the situation and carried on with my life. Why? Because what they said contradicts what God says about me and if that’s the case then why would I even go out of my way to get upset over someones wrong opinion of me? It doesn’t make sense!

From this day forward never let anyone’s wrong and negative opinion affect you. Ever! Let God’s opinion of you be number one and continue on with your life!


Challenge: Identify all the negative things that people have spoken to you that you have taken as a truth. Subconsciously we begin to believe the lies that people tell us about ourselves and we begin to act these things out on a day to day basis and many of us don’t even know it.

Now ask God to shine his truth in this area. Ask him to deliver you from the influences of these words and help you walk as a child of God. You are the righteousness of God, you are more than a conqueror, you are the dwelling place of God and now all you have to do is believe it!

God Bless, No Stress

Earl Blackman





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