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Intimacy Challenge Day 2

Everyone of us either has or has had personal problems and issues whether that be pride, lust, anger, depression, low self esteem or whatever! My main point is that ALL of us have dealt with or are dealing with something. Seeing as this is the case you should never feel alone or ashamed about having issues in your life but rather embrace them and go to God for a solution. One thing that Holy Spirit told me this year is that often times us as Christians don’t focus enough on the areas that we struggle with. We get so focussed on the cares of life and all these other things and we don’t pay enough attention to the dark and grey areas in our character. We should be desperate to become like God not just in signs and wonders, demonstrating power, manifesting his presence and all of that heavy stuff but also in likeness and character!

I believe that having the character and the nature of Christ is proof that you have an intimate relationship with him because signs and wonders, miracles and all of that stuff for the best part is worked by faith. You don’t necessarily have to have a “Deep” relationship with God to be able to do these things you just need a certain level of faith (Take that with a pinch of salt)However walking through this life displaying God’s nature and God’s character is something that you can’t fake but the true nature of God comes from an intimate relationship and connection with Holy Spirit and that’s what we should all be aiming for (Sooner rather than later).

I think one of the most beautiful things about being a Christian is discovering you have issues and areas of yourself that you need to work on, going to God and asking him to help you grow, develop and overcome these challenges and then seeing his power show up in your life and making you complete in a place that you once lacked in.

From this day forward I never want you to be ashamed or feel guilty about the areas that you may need working on but rather I want you to get excited and run to the father and say “God I’ve got a new project for you to work on”. Enjoy the process of God perfecting you! Never run or hide from him because of what you’re dealing with but rather run to him because he is very excited about fixing whatever is broken and then sending you out to help someone else do the same!


1.Sit down and make a list of all the areas in your personal life that you need God to help you with.

2.Ask Holy Spirit for his strength to help you over come these areas.

3.Give God thanks for what he’s about to do in your life even before you’ve seen it actually happen. You receive the promises of God by faith!


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