The Devil Wants Your Attention!

14 day Intimacy Challenge


Most times when someone is trying to wind you up and get on your nerves there is a particular response that they are looking for. When you respond how they want and they see that they are getting to you this some how empowers and encourages them to do it even more. However if you respond in a way that they least expect or don’t respond at all then you will catch them off guard and they will be rendered powerless.

The devil uses the same tactics! He is simply looking for a reaction and that’s why you need to be careful with how you respond to circumstances and situations in your life. If you react in the flesh then you’ll give way to the devil but if you respond in the Spirit then you give God room to do what he does!

The devil just wants your attention. DO NOT GIVE IT TO HIM! Focus on God and what he can do and you will see the supernatural show up in your life!


Challenge: Every area of your life that you need God to do something in pray and ask God to show up, show off and do exceedingly and abundantly above what you could even ask or think for him to do.

Meditate on scriptures about faith and try not to let your emotions cloud what you know God can and will do.

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