The Battle Is Already Won!

I want to quickly share something with you that God just told me whilst I was praying.

God: The Devil has already been defeated and put under your feet. He will trick you into thinking that you need to get inside the ring with him and fight when there’s no need for you to do that. He stands in the middle of the ring and challenges you, shouts abusive words at you and laughs at you. At this point some of you think you have to now get into the ring and deal with him fist to fist, one on one but this is a trap!

He tried the same thing with Jesus when he was being tempted. He stood in the middle of the ring taunting him saying “If you are the Son of God then do this” “If you are the Son of God then do that”. What was he trying to do? He was trying to challenge the identity of Jesus and get him to react in the wrong way. However Jesus did not react the way that the Devil hoped but rather instead of getting into the ring he simply stood outside and threw scriptures at the Devil and allowed the word of God to do the fighting instead.

Next time the enemy challenges you don’t think that you have to now go and do the fighting because that’s where we lose but instead find scriptures that deal with your situation and remind him of what the word of God says about the particular situation that you are in. The devil is afraid of the Christian that knows how to use the Sword of the Spirit correctly! The word of God is a sovereign authority therefore allow God’s word to do the fighting for you!


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