Proverbs 31 Woman

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Proverbs 31 Woman
(She Can Not Be Compared To) 10
– Virtuous: Morally Excellent
Moral: Being able to judge between right and wrong and living according to these principles.
-Her value cannot be compared to anything materialistic thing even if it has great worth because she rises far above it.

(She Is Loyal and Trust Worthy. She Provides Security) 11
– Because of her loyalty to her husband he will return the same attitude and her needs will be taken care of.

(Her Lifestyle Pleases, Inspires and adds Value To Her Husbands Life) 11
– Her personality, character, values, beliefs, outlook is an asset to her husband.

(She Is A Hard Worker, Disciplined, Dedicated And The Welfare Of Others Is Her Priority) 15

(She Is a Visionary, She Has The Ability To See The Potential In Something) 16

(She Is Strong) 17
– Strong: good quality or condition, not faint or feeble, incapable of being tampered with, wielding force.

(She Has A Heart Of Compassion And Cares About The Well Being Of Others) 20

(She Is A Fighter And Will Not Quit. She Provides The Best Of The Best)21
(Others Who Are Connected To Her Have A Good Reputation Because Of The Way She Carries herself).23

(She Is Wrapped In The Virtues Of Godliness) 25

(She Is Full Of Understanding and Knowledge) 26

(She Is A Natural Protector. She Guards That Which Belongs To Her. She Has No Time For Things That Do Not Have A Motive Or Purpose). 27

(She Will Be Exalted Among Man) 28

(She Will Be Greater Than Great) 29
Well: High or good standard

(She Has True Everlasting Beauty) 30

(She Will Be Rewarded For Her Work And Her Lifestyle And The Glory Of Her accomplishments Will Reflect Who She Is) 31


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